Young Mother Caught Trying to Have 3-year-old Son Murdered

It’s truly astonishing when a parent attempts to take the life of their own child. While most domestic violence occurs in the heat of the moment, which is already terrible, the actions of a particular mother in Florida have shocked investigators due to their calculated nature. This woman tried to hire a hitman to murder her three-year-old son. However, she made a critical error by seeking an assassin on a parody website.

Miami-Dade County authorities took 18-year-old Jazmin Paez into custody on July 18, accusing her of soliciting murder and unlawful use of a communications device. The shocking part was that she was attempting to have her own three-year-old son killed. Luckily, Paez lacked any connections to organized crime or professional assassins. As a result, she resorted to the internet and completed a form on

There exists a website called, but it’s important to note that it does not actually offer hitman services. Originally, the site was created for a cybersecurity company by its owner, Robert Innes. However, he now operates it as a parody, and the satirical nature is quite evident. The website facetiously claims to be governed by the non-existent “1964 Hitman Information and Privacy Protection Act” and even includes testimonials from supposedly satisfied customers.

For example, “Laura S, Arizona,” humorously states that after suspecting her husband of cheating with the babysitter, she reached out to RENT-A-HITMAN, and now she’s single again. Similarly, Fernando M expresses gratitude to the company for handling a disgruntled employee while he was away on vacation. These testimonials, along with the offer of group discounts, led the website to humorously claim the “2018-2021 Trigger Warning Award.”

It appears that Paez failed to recognize the satirical nature of the website because she went ahead and completed the service request form, making a disturbing plea for someone to kill her son within a week. Robert Innes, the owner of the website, informed reporters that he has received numerous form submissions, but this particular request was alarmingly specific. 

Paez provided precise information about her son’s whereabouts and even attached photos to assist the supposed hitman in identifying the target. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Innes conducted a search to verify names and addresses and promptly contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department to report the incident.

During his initial three calls, the police directed him to CrimeStoppers. However, when he contacted CrimeStoppers, they responded with a warning to stop and threatened a cease and desist letter. Undeterred, he reached out to the police once more, and this time, they assigned a detective to the case. The police conducted their own investigations, verifying the IP address provided by Innes. Subsequently, they took Paez into custody after confirming the accuracy of Innes’s information. She has been released on bail amounting to $15,000 and is under orders to maintain distance from her son, who is now safe and under the care of relatives.




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