Soap Opera Star Robyn Bernard Passes Away at 64

Condolences flooded in for Robyn Bernard, the celebrated Hollywood actress renowned for her portrayal of the iconic character Terry Brock during a six-year tenure on the cherished soap opera “General Hospital.” Bernard was found deceased in San Jacinto, California, at the age of 64. The circumstances of her death are yet to be determined, as local authorities are currently investigating. Although foul play is not presumed, specifics regarding her passing continue to unfold.

Hailing from Gladewater, Texas, in 1959, Bernard embarked on a global career journey. Her initial breakthrough occurred in the 1981 French thriller “Diva,” helmed by Jean-Jacques Beneix. She later collaborated with Beneix again for his acclaimed 1986 film “Betty Blue.” American viewers were first acquainted with Bernard during the 1980s through her guest spots on series such as “Whiz Kids,” “The Facts of Life,” and “Simon and Simon.” However, it was in 1984 that her career trajectory shifted significantly.

Bernard became a part of the General Hospital ensemble, embodying the assertive and driven Terry Brock. As the daughter of the nefarious D.L. Brock (portrayed by David Groh), Terry swiftly captured the hearts of fans. 

Her storyline struck a chord with viewers, particularly her battles with alcoholism interwoven with her aspirations of pursuing a singing career. Bernard infused the character with layers of depth and vulnerability, captivating audiences across 145 episodes until her character’s exit in 1990.

Following her tenure on “General Hospital,” Bernard’s acting pursuits persisted, albeit with less frequency. She graced projects such as the French miniseries “Maigret” and the movies “Kings for a Day” and “Roselyne and the Lions.” Her last appearance on screen occurred in 2002, starring in the film adaptation of “Voices from High School.”

The news of Bernard’s demise stunned her admirers, who fondly reminisced about her on social media, expressing condolences and sharing cherished memories of Terry Brock and Bernard’s captivating portrayal. Numerous fans recalled Terry’s iconic song, “You and Me Against the World,” emphasizing the resilience and spirit embodied by the character.

Additionally, Bernard is remembered as the elder sister of actress Crystal Bernard, renowned for her role in the sitcom “Wings.” Surviving Bernard are Crystal, their sister Scarlett, and their father, Jerry Wayne Bernard.




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