Yet Another VP Harris Staffer Is Leaving

The experience of working with Kamala Harris must be extremely unique. In a little more than a year and a half, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many people running out of a building like this.

Over 30 key workers left Biden’s White House. Usually, you put a lot of effort into getting there and you want to stay. This implies that after you’ve reached this type of position, things must be really awful if you’re running for the exits.

Rohini Kosoglu, Harris’ domestic policy advisor, who has worked with Harris since Harris was in the Senate, and Meghan Groob, the director of speechwriting, who had just been in the position for around four months, both made their departures from Kamala known earlier this month.

Kosoglu’s pathetic justification was that she want to spend more time with her family. Among the others who have fled during the previous 18 months, Harris has also lost her chief of staff, deputy press secretary, and communications director.

Another senior assistant is now leaving the room. This most recent individual isn’t even bothered to offer a justification for why he is leaving, but he did make the required statement about what a fantastic experience it was.

Next month, Harris’ director of intergovernmental affairs and public engagement, Michael Collins, will be leaving. He has been working for the Vice President for 16 months.

“It has been a difficult decision, but I’ve decided to leave this amazing experience in the middle of August and transition to the next stage of my life. I’m so grateful to the Vice President for trusting me with this privilege and was honored to support the President’s and Vice President’s tireless, committed and historic work,” Collins said in a statement.

Before John Lewis, a former Georgia Democratic congressman, passed away in 2020, Collins served as his chief of staff. They had been coworkers for 21 years. Collins claimed that his work with Harris was a continuation of what he had done with Lewis.

In addition to the challenging workplace, some employees are leaving because they don’t want to be present when the ship really sinks.




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