Woman Placed On Life Support After Pet Dog Head-butts Her While Playing

After her beloved puppy attacked her while playing, a Chicago lady ended herself on life support for a week.

In January, Erin Stevenson, 41, was out in the yard with her Staffordshire bull terrier, Skyy, when the dog accidently head-butted her on the chin.

The dog mom didn’t think much of it until three days later, when she awakened unable to swallow and went to the hospital.

Skyy’s teeth had shattered, and she had developed an abscess that had caused swelling.

While the Chicago lady was on life support, her cheeky puppy was at home, blissfully ignorant of the commotion.

When Stevenson went to the ER unable to swallow, doctors were first perplexed by her condition.

On one side of her face, there was a lot of edema. Her treatment included a CT scan, antibiotics, and steroids. The physicians were perplexed and originally mistook it for a hematoma or a fractured jaw.

They were concerned that unless the swelling subsided, her airways might shut. She was sedated and a breathing tube was implanted to assist her.

Skyy’s shattered molars had led to the development of a dangerous abscess, which was ultimately discovered by medics.

Two of her teeth were extracted, and a drain was placed in her neck to drain the infection.

To be sure there was no secondary infection, they kept her on life support. She did, however, grow a second one, which drained and remedied the issue.

The incident was particularly traumatic for her husband, Scott, 46, who didn’t know whether his wife would wake up from the forced coma.

Fortunately, the dog mom survived, but she is still dealing with one serious side effect more than four months after her hospitalization.




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