Woman Escaped Handcuffs And Steals Cop’s Firearm Before Opening Fire

This frightening incident occurred when a lady under the influence of meth managed to escape her restraints, steal an AR-15 from a police officer, and then shoot the officer.

Police claimed that 36-year-old Rachel Zion Clay was detained in the back of the squad car after she was observed acting suspiciously in a neighborhood in Oklahoma, but she wasn’t being taken into custody.

Clay was discovered crawling about and barking last Friday, prompting officers to arrive at the scene to check on his welfare.

She managed to get her hands free while still being shackled for her own protection, grabbing the cop’s assault gun from the back seat.

She started shooting at the policeman and a bystander before locking herself inside the squad car for three hours.

The moment Clay points the AR-15 out the back window and hits the trigger is shockingly captured on dashcam video from inside the vehicle.

Gary Boggess, the undersheriff for Grady County, claimed she fired around 10 bullets.

He stated, “While in the back seat of a patrol car, she was able to get her wrist free from the handcuffs and the handcuffs were put on properly.

“There’s several switches, one is a gun switch to unlock the gun lock and she found it, unlocked the gun lock, and was able to retrieve an AR-15 rifle.

“Then she was able to figure out how to put a round in it, put it on fire and she fired approximately 10 rounds at our deputies and a civilian.”

After ultimately turning herself in, police said that the woman tested positive for methamphetamine.

She was apprehended and lodged in the Grady County Jail.

According to police, the officer and the bystander both sustained non-life-threatening wounds and have since been discharged from the hospital.

Boggess stated that in order to prevent a repeat of the situation, his office is already changing its procedures.




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