WH Tells Hilarious Lie on US Economy

Since President Joe Biden and his staff like speaking lies so much, it often appears difficult for them to discriminate between fiction and truth.

The hubris of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday, when she was attempting to market how great the economy is, was something else, even for them and their level of lying.

Peter Doocy of Fox talked about inflation and a study that revealed 88 percent of Americans believed their nation was headed in the wrong direction. Jean-Pierre attempted to gaslight people by blaming “Putin’s tax hike,” as we have reported.

They still haven’t realized that constantly accusing Putin of being more in charge of the economy than Joe Biden is not only false, but it makes Joe Biden appear more more vulnerable if he is under Putin’s so-called control.

However, she went even further with what she wanted others to believe. Despite what all the surveys had indicated, she insisted that it wasn’t because what they were doing was unpopular. She then said, “We are stronger economically than we have ever been,” which was over the top.

In addition to being patently false—with inflation at a 40-year high wiping out any pay increases and gas costs crushing individuals—this type of deception also enrages the American people because it runs so counter to reality.

The government can lie about a lot of things, but when you’re struggling to make ends meet and they’re telling you how great everything is, you’re going to detest them even more—not just for their awful policies, but also for them believing you’re stupid. Strongest throughout history is a crazy claim. It’s historically significant, yes, but in the wrong way.

No, you’re not doing a good job when people believe that a worldwide pandemic is more effective than you are. And if the American people weren’t already furious at the Biden Administration, this will further exacerbate their rage.

She then stated they had a plan, but Republicans didn’t, which was the cherry on top and unintentionally humorous. Biden often claims to have a plan, but he never follows it as he careens from one catastrophe to the next. In contrast to what Jean-Pierre claims, Townhall offers a fantastic West Wing perspective on the subject.




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