WH Loses It on Reporters

As was already mentioned, Joe Biden’s physician isn’t speaking to us directly at the White House briefings. We are receiving written declarations from the doctor or translations of what he is saying.

This prevents reporters from asking the doctor pointed questions about any worries they may have about Biden. Biden “cleaned his plate and ate all his dinner,” among other humiliating things that sound like we have a kid in the workplace, are being recounted to us.

Insisting that they had spoken with the doctor personally since they had received a letter from him, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the reporters had not spoken with the doctor directly.

There was no justification, according to Jean-Pierre, for the media to interrogate the doctor.

You have to question why more and more as they make greater efforts to stop the doctor from speaking with the media.

Joe Biden has to take every precaution to relax and recuperate if he has COVID. Instead, his staff is attempting to reassure us that everything is alright by claiming that he works an eight-hour shift.

But at 79 years old, he ought to be resting and not working when ill. For a distant meeting, though, they had him sitting up, and, to be very truthful, he looked terrible.

He appears unwell and out of it, not paying attention to what is being spoken; his eyes just have an empty expression. He took a cough drop during the video clip and coughed throughout the discussion; his voice was noticeably deeper. Although his respiration and oxygen saturation measurements were within the usual range, his doctor had reported that he had a minor fever.

While being questioned by reporters about how he was at the meeting, the video ended up going viral. Biden did, however, offer a thumbs up before it did.




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