WH Admin Sends Massive Amount Of Baby Formula To Illegal Immigrants

America has been placed last in every way conceivable during the Biden administration. According to recent reports from the southern border, the Biden administration has begun shipping containers of infant formula to migrant detention centers.

The supplies of infant formula to illegal immigrants come at a time when baby formula is in limited supply across the country. Since April, the amount of baby formula accessible in the United States has decreased by 40%, leaving parents of newborns rushing to obtain food for their infants. Additionally, Abbott Laboratories announced a Similac recall, which has exacerbated the formula scarcity in recent months.

Republican Rep. Kat Cammack stated in one of two internet postings yesterday that the Biden administration has been transporting pallets of baby formula to migrant detention centers, according to recordings released by a Florida legislator.

Cammack claimed she received photos of the delivery from a border official and put one online.

MeKala Macmillan, a mother from Mountain Home, Idaho, is one of an increasing number of mothers who have grown accustomed to grocery aisles devoid of infant formula. For the past month and a half, Macmillan has been having problems with this issue.

She went on record as stating that there isn’t a single grocery in town that has it on the shelves anywhere.

Macmillan’s mother-in-law is currently carrying the family’s newborn formula from Colorado because there is nowhere else to turn in the region.

When compared to remote and rural places in Idaho, urban areas have a larger availability of infant formula. In the case that the infant formula you’re used to is no longer available, Sallas suggests moving to the next closest formulation. It is ideal to go through the procedure with your child’s treating physician.




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