Video Captures Moment Secret Service Takes Down Protester

On Wednesday, a demonstrator in Los Angeles, California, learned the hard way what may happen when an unauthorized individual approaches a U.S. military route. The presidential motorcade is guarded by the Secret Service.

After coming out into the center of a blocked-off street while President Joe Biden’s convoy went past, a lady protesting abortion rights was collared, pushed to the ground, and handcuffed.

The woman was dressed in a sundress and carrying a huge bag over her shoulder as she marched in the center of the roadway, using a bullhorn to emphasize her pro-abortion message as the motorcade passed by.

A law enforcement officer approached the lady from behind and grabbed her by the neck and shoulders, slinging her away from the motorcade’s path before slamming her to the ground alongside the road.

During the melee, the lady pushed fiercely against the officer, who identified himself as a Secret Service agent, and various items from her bag, including sunglasses and equipment, as well as a huge can of spray paint, were spilled around the street.

She was furious at being attacked and arrested, and she used the F-word often to show her dissatisfaction. Other demonstrators at the scene demanded that the agent release her or fought with other agents and cops who had established a perimeter around the wrestling agent and the protester.

The event was recorded on a cellphone and later posted online.

On Wednesday, President Biden arrived in Los Angeles to start off the Summit of the Americas, an annual gathering of most of the Western Hemisphere’s governments.

In addition to the meeting, President Obama met with late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel for a filmed interview that will air on Kimmel’s show later.

This protester may have believed that because the president shared her views on abortion, she could harangue the passing motorcade in the middle of the street without fear of being arrested.

What she quickly discovered, however, is that the Secret Service is exclusively focused on safeguarding the president and ensuring that no possible danger is given the opportunity to act.




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