US Capitol Police Arrest Staffers With Liberal Talk Show

Capitol Police apprehended a number of CBS “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” employees after they allegedly entered a federal facility without permission. The House of Representatives office building on Thursday night.

According to accounts, the seven people were detained at the Longworth House Office Building after being kicked out of a committee hearing on Jan. 6 for not having legal press credentials.

After the Capitol building was closed to the public on Thursday night, the same group emerged, allegedly recording and photographing two Republican members of Congress, including California Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado)

According to a high source in the US House of Representatives, seven persons related to Stephen Colbert’s show have been detained.

The three were suspected of breaking into House office buildings after hours and alone.

The team from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert filed for press credentials for the Jan. 6 hearing, but they were denied by the House Radio/TV Gallery because they are not deemed news. The Radio/TV Correspondents Association, which generally handles credentials, was not contacted about the problem.

Members of the press who wish to attend the Committee hearings on January 6 will need a special overlay in addition to a standard Capitol Hill press pass.

If they had been invited, members of Colbert’s crew might have been in the House office buildings. Members of the Jan. 6 Committee, including Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., were interviewed by Colbert’s crew earlier on Thursday. Stephanie Murphy, D-Florida They also spoke with Rep. Jake Auchincloss, D-Massachusetts.

Members of Colbert’s team were escorted out of the House office building when Capitol Police noticed them in the Jan. 6 Committee area.

They were eventually let back inside the Longworth House Office Building about 4 p.m. They were left unsupervised for several hours by an attendant to Auchincloss. According to sources, the assistant thought the group needed to conduct additional interviews.

The US Capitol Police stated in a statement that around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, they got a complaint for a disturbance in the Longworth House Office Building and that more charges might be made.

On Friday night, Colbert’s show was a repeat, and he has made no public comments on the arrests.




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