Turkey’s Leader Defies US Ally Stance, Backs Hamas

In the current week, President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey expressed his support for the Palestinian group known as Hamas. He characterized them as a liberation movement fighting for their homeland, rather than labeling them as a terrorist organization. Erdogan referred to them as “mujahideen,” an Arabic term signifying individuals who engage in a religious struggle.

Despite initially planning a visit to Israel, the Turkish president has decided to cancel his trip in light of what he considers an inhumane conflict in the region. Furthermore, he pointed out that while Western nations may have strong ties with Israel, Turkey does not share the same obligation.

In a recent address delivered in Qatar, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, accused Israel of committing acts that he described as crimes against humanity during their conflict with Palestine. He specifically alleged that Israel has been targeting children, patients in hospitals, and elderly individuals.

The Italian Deputy Prime Minister voiced his disapproval of Erdogan’s conduct, highlighting that it did not aid in calming the conflict. He also encouraged the Foreign Minister of Italy to lodge a formal complaint with Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson unequivocally categorized Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Erdogan criticized Western nations for what he perceived as double standards in supporting Ukraine when Russia invaded, yet not extending the same support to Palestine following Israel’s retaliatory actions. He went on to suggest that countries from outside the region supporting Israel were exacerbating the situation. Media reports, citing information from the Gaza Ministry of Health, indicate that since October 7th, the death toll in Gaza has exceeded 5,000 people.




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