Trump To Visit Train Derailment Site

A chemical train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio at the beginning of February released pollutants into the community. In addition to the shock of seeing hundreds of train cars scattered across the tracks, the incident left the neighborhood suffering from exposure to possibly hazardous chemicals. Donald Trump, a former president, is now traveling to the area to help the locals.

Ohio voters supported Trump for president by a margin of 53.3% in 2020. He received 52.1% of the state’s vote four years earlier, demonstrating a lengthy history of local support for him. With his announcement that he would return to the state on Wednesday, February 22, Trump is demonstrating his continuous dedication to the locals.

In response to the tragedy, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) has opened an emergency clinic in East Palestine to assess the health of the locals and respond to inquiries concerning the poisonous leak.

Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will also be there to provide assistance. Although the town is not now eligible for help from the Federal Disaster Management Agency (FEMA), Governor DeWine nonetheless requested emergency aid in case it becomes eligible in the future.

There are also persistent worries about chemical runoff in the rivers and private wells even though the Environmental Protection Agency has tested the air and water quality in a number of locations repeatedly and found it to be safe.

8.350 cubic yards of contaminated soil, 1.1 million gallons of hazardous chemicals, and 8,350 cubic yards of polluted liquids have already been removed by authorities from the disaster area for safe disposal.

Despite all of the cleanup efforts, some locations downstream of the derailment, including as Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky Water District (NKWD), decided to temporarily stop using the Ohio River as a source of water.

Days have passed with no word from the federal government on this catastrophe, and no senior official has yet to travel to the derailment. Trump is taking advantage of the chance to reach out to Ohioans where they are even while their own government is not doing so.




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