Trump Savagely Roasts Biden with Hilarious Video of His Gaffes

At a recent event in Minden, Nevada, Donald Trump launched into a funny video mashup roasting Joe Biden.

The video was posted to Twitter with the headline, “Trump ROASTS Joe Biden with brutal WWE-style gaffe reel LIVE at MAGA rally – Crowd’s reaction says it all,” by Benny Johnson, a conservative journalist and chief creative officer of Turning Point USA.

“So we had just a little quick video made up, would you like to see it?” Trump asks the crowd in the film as he attempts to motivate the audience before launching into one of the funniest videos ever made.

When a wrestling bell rings and an announcer shouts, “Let’s get ready to bumble!,” the film begins with Biden mumbling incoherently and tripping over his sentences as usual. ”

It looks like Biden is always fighting himself anytime he attempts to give a speech, therefore what a smart spin on the famous wrestling expression.

Some of Biden’s worst gaffes are displayed in the movie while circus music plays in the background, which really brings home how much of a circus it must be within his government to schedule public appearances for this guy.

In many of the interviews and speeches that are included in the compilation, Joe Biden appears to short circuit in the middle of his sentences and produces a verbal jumble of clumsy nonsense.

The quote from Biden that begins, “America can be defined in a single word,” is my favorite illustration of this. That word, “ASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW,” is interesting; I hope it’s a term of endearment.

Another hilarious scene involved Biden giving a speech and then appearing to have forgotten both his location and what he was doing by staring off into space. Funny enough, while he performs this, the iconic Microsoft Windows shutdown sound is added to the video.

Other videos depict the recurrent incident of Biden aimlessly roaming around while waiting for his handlers to come and direct him away.




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