Trump Announces Plan To End Birthright Citizenship For Illegals

Former President Donald J. Trump has revealed his strategy to address the escalating issue of illegal immigration, which he believes has worsened due to the ineffective policies of the Biden administration. Upon resuming office, Trump intends to enact a fresh executive order immediately. His objective is to halt the influx of unauthorized foreign individuals, which he perceives as a threat to our border security, national well-being, and economic stability.

“Joe Biden has launched an illegal foreign invasion of our country, allowing a record number of illegal aliens to storm across our borders. From all over the world, they came. Under Biden’s current policies, even though these millions of illegal border crossers have entered the country unlawfully, all of their future children will become automatic U.S. citizens. Can you imagine? They’ll be eligible for welfare, taxpayer-funded healthcare, the right to vote, chain migration, and countless other government benefits, many of which will also profit the illegal alien parents.”

Trump’s apprehension strikes a chord with countless Americans who harbor profound concerns about the repercussions stemming from Biden’s imprudent policies that promote open borders. The ex-president highlighted that this misguided strategy not only incentivizes those who violate the law but also presents a substantial peril to our country’s security.

“This policy is a reward for breaking the laws of the United States and is obviously a magnet helping draw the flood of illegals across our borders. They come by the millions and millions and millions. They come from mental institutions. They come from jails, prisoners, some of the toughest, meanest people you’ll ever see,” Trump added.

Renowned for his stance and actions regarding the United States-Mexico border during his tenure from 2017 to 2021, Trump emphasized the construction of a wall along the southern border as a pivotal component of his presidential campaign in 2016.

Throughout his administration, efforts were made to erect new barriers and reinforce existing ones along the border. By the time his term concluded in January 2021, approximately 450 miles of wall had been erected.

In addition to the physical wall, Trump implemented various immigration policies specifically targeting the southern border. One such policy was the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which mandated that asylum seekers arriving at the southern border remain in Mexico while their claims were processed in US courts.




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