Tragedy Strikes Maternity Ward as Hospital Shooting Leaves Devastation

Anticipating mothers who journey to the hospital have the hope of experiencing a secure and supportive environment while giving birth to their newborns. Regrettably, this was not the reality in Oregon recently when gunfire erupted within the maternity ward.

On Saturday, July 22, 2023, 33-year-old PoniaX Kane Calles entered Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, carrying three guns. His 31-year-old girlfriend, Ashley Heil, who was expecting their third child, was a patient at the hospital at that time.

Hospital personnel raised numerous concerns about Calles and his conduct while present at the medical center, requesting his removal from the premises. In response to these concerns, security guard Bobby Smallwood entered Heil’s patient room during Calles’ absence and successfully found and confiscated a case containing two guns. Heil acknowledged that the guns were registered in her name because Calles was prohibited from possessing them.

Upon Calles’ return to the hospital, he engaged in a heated altercation with a nurse. Smallwood stepped in to mediate the situation but tragically got shot by Calles, who was carrying a third gun. After receiving initial medical attention from the hospital staff, Smallwood was transferred to another medical facility, where he was later pronounced deceased. Additionally, another hospital employee suffered injuries from shrapnel during the incident. Subsequently, Calles fled to Gresham, where he encountered three Portland Police officers and was killed during the confrontation.

In the course of the investigation, authorities uncovered that Calles had legally changed his name from Reginald Kane Jackson to PoniaX Kane Calles in 2019. Prior to the name change, he had a significant criminal record involving violent offenses and a documented history of mental health issues.

Heil had recently sought a restraining order due to genuine concerns for her safety and the safety of her children, including her unborn baby. She reported that Calles had made explicit threats of physical harm towards her and the unborn child. Furthermore, Heil disclosed to the authorities that Calles had engaged in physical abuse towards their 8-year-old daughter, which resulted in the involvement of child welfare services.

The pregnant woman requested a court order for Calles to vacate their residence and surrender his firearms. Calles contested the restraining order, and the case was dismissed by a Judge in June due to Heil’s non-appearance in court.

Subsequently, Heil initiated a GoFundMe campaign seeking assistance for herself and her children. In her appeal, she mentioned that Calles did not receive the necessary help he required and expressed concerns about potential suffering for herself and her children.




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