The Capitol Police Are Spying on Members of Congress

Over the previous year, partisans have used the events of January 6th as a pretext for all kinds of craziness. The objective is simple: make Republicans who had nothing to do with that day feel political anguish, from the fortification theater with the Capitol Building to the administration always pretending domestic radicals are the nation’s largest threat.

Nancy Pelosi’s elevation of the United States Capitol Police to some type of personal, partisan defense force, including funding offices all across the country used to gather data on those who happen to be political opponents, sparked worry when it happened. Now we’re finding out just how extensive that operation is, and the findings are truly troubling.

Republicans in Congress, their employees, and their contributors are being watched in ways that are too intrusive in a free country. Last night, Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) appeared on Tucker Carlson to discuss the subject. 

There is no probable cause to be doing any of this, as Armstrong stated in his interview. It is totalitarian and dangerous to utilize government intelligence assets to spy on Americans and dig up dirt on them when there is no evidence of anything wrong going on. To do so is simply an attempt to reveal political dirt for Nancy Pelosi and her allies to exploit, since, as Carlson points out, there’s no way all of this material isn’t going to her.

In Politico’s report, you’ll notice that every incident they found included a Republican being spied on. Anyone reading this isn’t stupid enough to believe that’s a coincidence.

Finally, even if one considers it necessary to keep congress members safe, what the USCP is doing is almost certainly illegal.




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