Texas Counties On The Border And Beyond Declare Invasion

Officials from seven Texas counties along the southern border made a number of emergency declarations on Tuesday to address the rising migrant population in their areas and what they perceived as inadequate federal help.

In order to combat illegal immigration activities at the US-Mexico border and the ensuing crime and quality of life challenges experienced by border communities, many county judges urged Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to commit greater resources to this cause.

The announcements basically acknowledged a condition of invasion as undocumented immigrants flood into neighborhoods and local authorities struggle to cope.

Renae Eze, Abbott’s press secretary, stated in a statement, “All strategies remain on the table as Texas continues stepping up in the federal government’s absence.”

Texas has deployed thousands of Texas National Guard soldiers and DPS troopers and spent over $4 billion of Texas taxpayer money to secure our border, including building our own border wall, erecting strategic barriers, and sending significant resources to help our local partners as was repeatedly mentioned, while President Biden ignores the worsening humanitarian crisis and Congressional members visit the border for photo ops before returning to Washington to do nothing.

As a consequence, there have been over 274,000 migrant arrests, over 16,900 criminal arrests (including human traffickers and smugglers), over 22,000 turnbacks, and the seizure of millions of fatal doses of fentanyl. President Biden and both political parties in Congress need to act now to protect our southern border.

Texas will continue to adopt further, previously unheard-of measures as border obstacles worsen in order to solve those difficulties brought on by the Biden Administration.

Unprecedented illegal immigration, according to some officials, has caused property damage, stolen automobiles, gun violence, and other problems after migrants entered their counties, many of which are sparsely populated and bleak.

Others described how migrants risked their lives by entering school grounds in an effort to elude US Border Patrol personnel and local and state authorities.

According to a news release from Kinney County, law enforcement recorded more over 4,000 migrants in May who managed to evade being apprehended by Border Patrol. Authorities there reportedly stopped 67 attempts at smuggling along county roads in June.

Judge Mike Bennett of Goliad County said that the county has two stoplights and a sheriff’s office with two deputies on duty at all times.




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