Texas Border Agents Nab Convicted Offenders Entering Illegally

After they entered the US illegally from Mexico on Tuesday morning, Texas Border Patrol agents apprehended two convicted sex offenders.

Around 9:15 am, agents working in the Del Rio Sector came upon a group of migrants. According to a news statement from US Customs and Border Protection, the migrants were moving through the undergrowth in an effort to avoid being observed by Border Patrol.

The migrants were detained by agents, who then escorted them to the Eagle Pass Processing Facility. According to background checks, one of the gang members, 42-year-old Honduran national Edis Noe Hernandez-Ruiz, was sentenced to five years in jail in Georgia in 2008 after being found guilty of sexual violence. In 2017, he was deported.

After entering the US illegally, another group of migrants was discovered by Eagle Pass South Station officials less than an hour later. The group was detained by the authorities, who then escorted them to the Eagle Pass Processing Facility.

Agents found that Jose Marlon de La O-Mejia, 55, of El Salvador, a member of the detained migrants, was also a convicted sex offender while being processed.

De La O-Mejia was imprisoned for years after being charged with sexually assaulting a kid in Alaska in 2001. In the end, he was expelled in 2006.

Both people were handled in line with US Customs and Border Protection procedures, along with the other migrants. Hernandez-Ruiz and De La O-Mejia, both criminals with past removals, may spend up to 20 years in jail, according to CBP.

A day before their capture, 53 migrants were discovered dead in a tractor-trailer that had been left on a lonely road near San Antonio. Homero Zamorano Jr., 45, the alleged driver of the vehicle, is accused of bringing an immigrant into the country with the intent to kill someone. If found guilty, he may get the death sentence or life in prison.




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