Terrifying Video Shows Chinese Super Drones Hunting Humans

Ten lightweight drones were videotaped traveling quickly between trunks, uneven ground, weeds, and tangled branches by a team from Zhejiang University in China.

According to The Telegraph, the amazing piece of gear is controlled by an algorithm that charts its surroundings in real time, allowing it to quickly change its flight course.

These high-tech drones, according to experts, update every few milliseconds, allowing them to avoid colliding with other objects and swiftly regroup with others to fly more efficiently.

They can also be easily deployed in locations with low satellite coverage because they don’t require GPS signals.

The terrifying film of Chinese super drones tracking down humans in groups has surfaced, raising worries that they may eventually be programmed to murder.

Concerns have been raised that the breakthrough achievement may be used for nefarious purposes.

Experts claim the technology will make remote animal surveys and searching for survivors in disaster zones much simpler.

However, in a disturbing turn of events, the Zhejiang University team also tested the drones on a guy walking through a dense forest.

The bots were also supposed to maintain focus even when the guy ducked behind things to avoid the cameras.

The swarms’ capacity to navigate and coordinate in these videos has interested and motivated several researchers, according to researchers writing in the journal Science Robotics. We’re taking a step toward that future here.

Dr. Jonathan Aitken of Sheffield University praised the breakthrough, telling New Scientist that it was amazing.

Using a dispersed group of robots to create a high-quality map with the level of detail shown is an impressive feat of engineering. This is an outstanding performance when combined with good navigation and avoidance of obstacles, as well as other swarm members.

It’s not the first time China’s technological advancements have raised eyebrows.

Beijing debuted a horrifying new war weapon last year, capable of unleashing swarms of kamikaze drones on soldiers and tanks.




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