Team Biden Just Snuck in another Anti-Firearm Policy

The ATF defines a gun as a receiver, but if you only wanted to try your hand at building one, say by finishing an AR receiver that was 80% complete, you could do that too. There are no serial numbers, no rules, just a man with his tools and some degree of freedom.

Naturally, the anti-freedom Democrats have decided to take action against it as well. The DOJ has now determined that the major parts used to make so-called ghost guns will be given serial numbers and individuals acquiring the equipment necessary will have to go through a background check as part of its modification to the “Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms.”

“First, the final rule ensures that firearms with split receivers are subject to regulations requiring serial numbers and background checks when purchased from a licensed dealer, manufacturer or importer. Decades ago, ATF issued a regulation defining the ‘frame or receiver’ of a firearm as the part that is regulated by the Gun Control Act – meaning that is the part that triggers federal serialization, background check, and other requirements. At that time, many firearms in the United States were single-framed firearms, like revolvers, that house key components in a single structure. However, we have seen the increasing popularity of firearms using split or multi-part receivers that house key components in multiple structures.”

Merrick Garland attempted to portray the rule modification as a crime-fighting initiative by claiming:

“These guns have often been sold as build-your-own kits that contain all or almost all of the parts needed to quickly build an unmarked gun. And anyone could sell or buy these guns without a background check.”




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