Taliban Orders Afghan Women To Wear All-Covering Burkas In Public

Afghan women are required to wear burkas in public by the Taliban.

During the group’s first reign of terror in Afghanistan, from 1996 and 2001, the burka, which wraps the user from head to toe and leaves just the eyes visible, became the group’s standard command on women.

The Taliban’s decision to reintroduce the clothing serves as a disturbing reminder of the severe constraints Afghan women face once again.

The organization also stated that if women have no vital employment outside the house, they should stay at home.

If a male guardian refuses to obey the order, he may be imprisoned for three days.

“We place a higher value on Islamic principles and ideology than anything else.” “We want our sisters to live in dignity and safety,” said Khalid Hanafi, the Taliban’s vice and virtue ministry’s acting minister.

According to reports, the Taliban has declared the blue burka, which only exposes the eyes, to be the ideal facial covering.

“Hajib is required for all dignified Afghan women, and the best Hajib is chadori, the head-to-toe burka, which is part of our tradition and respectful,” said Shir Mohammad, another vice and virtue ministry employee.

The Taliban ordered all government officials to grow beards and follow a dress code or face being dismissed in March. The organization also failed to establish girls’ schools as promised and prohibited women from flying without a male chaperone.




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