Suspected Shooter of Atlanta Police Officer Gets Bail

People have been hearing about the worrisome surge in crime in several neighborhoods for almost a year.

Much of this criminality may be traced back to Democratic officials releasing convicts early, underfunding police forces, and granting dangerous felons loose bail.

These initiatives, according to Democrats, are about justice and equity. They, on the other hand, often place innocent bystanders in harm’s way. The spike in crime following the implementation of the aforementioned regulations demonstrates this.

A new example of this, unfortunately, comes from Atlanta, Georgia. The fact that a suspected cop shooter was granted bond has angered Atlanta police.

Atlanta police were dispatched to serve a warrant on Christian Eppinger in early February. To say the least, Eppinger was not happy, and he ended up shooting one of the cops many times.

The officer was unharmed in the incident. However, Eppinger has a long criminal history, including a past jail sentence. At the time the warrant was intended to be served, he was on probation.

Despite this, a Fulton County judge decided to release Eppinger on bond. Atlanta police officers and prosecutors are outraged, with the latter filing an emergency request to prevent Eppinger from being released on bond.

To add salt to injury, Eppinger announced on Instagram that he would soon be returning to his home after the judge granted him bail.

This most recent occurrence in Atlanta is not an outlier. It’s occurring in a lot of other places in the country, especially in Democratic-led areas.

Homicides, carjackings, violence, rape, and other violent crimes are on the rise as a result of soft-on-crime legislation.

Many critics of soft-on-crime policies have pointed out that there is no way to coax criminals into doing the right thing and not committing crimes.

Many people in Atlanta are still perplexed as to why Eppinger was granted bail despite his significant criminal background and prior prison term.

If he re-offends while on bail, it will be just another case of innocent people being caught in the crossfire of powerful criminals.

Finally, soft-on-crime policies give the message to criminals that they can breach the law and have a considerably lower likelihood of being held accountable. Needless to say, this does not make for a secure society.




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