Sports Announcer Suspended for Calling Illegal Aliens … Illegal Aliens

North Carolina State sports radio announcer Gary Hahn, who has called Wolfpack football and men’s basketball games since 1991, has been immediately suspended by Learfield, the school’s sports broadcast rights holder. The suspension comes mainly from a comment Hahn made on December 30th while calling the 2022 Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the game, which the Wolfpack lost 16-12 to the University of Maryland Terrapins, Hahn said, “And amongst all the illegal aliens down in El Paso, it’s UCLA 14 and Pittsburgh 6,” when reporting the score from the 2022 Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, also held on December 30th.

On Twitter, WRAL (Raleigh, North Carolina) reporter Keenan Willard mentioned:

Let the phony outrage and cancellation culture begin.

Despite the foregoing, what did Hahn say that was in any way incorrect? El Paso’s mayor, Democrat Oscar Leeser, declared a state of emergency on December 17th, despite stating two days earlier that he did not wish to do so, in order to thwart Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s measures to actively secure the Texas-Mexico border. On December 23rd, Jeff Charles reported here that Abbott had ordered additional National Guard members to El Paso to reinforce those already stationed there in an effort to reduce the number of illegal border crossings.

Far too many liberals think the illegal immigration problem is as harmless as a Genesis video.

It isn’t. For example, read some of the words of Border Patrol agent Brendan Lenihan, written in 2019:

I summited at midday and walked aimlessly in the shadows of granite domes that ran along the ridgeline like the spine of some slumbering monster. A turkey vulture hovered on a thermal, passing in and out of Mexico with seeming disregard for international boundaries. All around me the mountainsides sparkled in the sunlight from the rubbish discarded by clandestine border crossers—Red Bull energy cans and Pedialyte baby bottles; children’s backpacks and Mexican water jugs. Among the hastily discarded objects were others on deliberate display. More than once on patrol, I had stumbled upon desert altars full of votive candles, rosary beads, and prayer cards commemorating Juan Soldado, patron saint of undocumented immigrants, and Jesús Malverde, patron saint of drug smugglers.

This time, I came upon a velvet mesquite tree draped in women’s lingerie. Faded pink bras and lacy black panties drooped from the twisted limbs. The Border Patrol calls these “rape trees.” It’s difficult to know whether these displays are merely symbolic of a woman’s vulnerability in this place or are the actual trophies of sexual violence. Either way, women who understand the risks of this desert sometimes ingest morning-after pills before even attempting to cross.

Human (i.e., sex) and drug trafficking across our border is an abomination encouraged by Democrat politicians who see only potential voters and sadistic businesspeople who see only cheap, exploitable labor. It is not only possible but also required, that human dignity and worth coexist with the rule of law and a secure border. Contrary to popular belief, capitalism is not the perpetrator of this crime. It is the decision. The only long-term solution to the illegal alien problem is to secure the border, free enterprise, and the opportunity to pursue personal financial stability regardless of which country is involved, alongside ruthless cleansing of institutional corruption and a genuine war on drug dealers and human traffickers, again regardless of which country is involved. A sports announcer’s correct remark? That is not the issue.




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