South Korean Opposition Leader Gets Stabbed in Busan

Following an attack by a crazy knife man, the head of the largest opposition party in South Korea was admitted to the hospital. When Lee Jae-myung was attacked, he was on a visit to the busiest port city in the nation. His attacker has been taken into custody and Lee Jae-myung’s wounds are not life-threatening.

On the 2nd of January, Lee, the leader of South Korea’s Democratic Party, visited the southeastern city of Busan to examine the site for a new airport. Engaging with a gathering of supporters during the visit, a middle-aged man, wearing a paper crown featuring Lee’s name, approached the politician. Disturbingly, pictures from the event illustrate the individual making a sudden lunge at Lee’s neck with a seven-inch knife.

Subsequently, Lee fell to the ground as law enforcement intervened to apprehend the assailant. Additional photographs depict Lee lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious, with onlookers applying a handkerchief to his neck. According to reports from South Korean media, it was later revealed that he sustained a one-centimeter long cut.

Following an attack by a crazy knife manAbout twenty minutes after the attack, Lee was evacuated to the neighboring Pusan National University Hospital, where he had jugular vein repair surgery. The operation took longer than anticipated, according to a Democratic Party spokeswoman, and Lee’s recovery was being cautiously monitored.

The perpetrator, identified as Kim, born in 1957, has confessed to intending to assassinate Lee. The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency intends to press charges of attempted murder against him. Currently, it is unclear whether he belongs to a rival political party, suggesting that this might not have been an impulsive assault. 

A video from a previous visit to Busan by Lee in December shows Kim in the crowd wearing the same paper hat, implying a premeditated nature to the incident. Fortunately, during that earlier occurrence, he was unable to get close enough to carry out the attack.




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