Sheriff Speaks Out Against His Liberal Governor

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco voiced satisfaction after an effort by Governor Gavin Newsom to broaden gun-free areas for concealed carry permit holders in California was thwarted. Bianco, during a Fox News interview, censured Newsom’s position on gun control, describing it as fundamentally opposed to gun ownership from the outset.

He highlighted the difference in how law-abiding citizens and criminals are handled, asserting that California adopts a “pro-criminal stance.” According to him, there’s an agenda that shifts blame from individuals for criminal behavior to law enforcement and society.

Bianco stated that Newsom’s objectives include shutting down prisons, steering clear of prosecutions, and doing away with state prison sentences. He called on Newsom to redirect attention from his gun control initiatives to tackle the escalating crime rates and quality of life concerns in California. According to Bianco, the governor’s endorsed policies are adversely affecting the state.

On January 7, 2024, the California Rifle and Pistol Association effectively appealed to prevent the enactment of the legislation that sought to broaden gun-free zones for holders of concealed carry permits in California.

Chad Bianco, holding the positions of Sheriff, Coroner, and Public Administrator in Riverside County since 2018, expressed disapproval of Newsom’s strategy concerning law enforcement and criminal justice. Serving as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Riverside County, Bianco supervises multiple departments and facilities, encompassing jails, court buildings, the Coroner’s Bureau, and the Public Administrator’s Office. With a career commencing in 1993, he brings twenty-nine years of experience as a veteran of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office.

Bianco’s statements mirror his apprehensions regarding the consequences of Newsom’s policies on law-abiding citizens and the criminal justice system in California. The sheriff advocates for a shift in focus towards dealing with the increasing crime rates and enhancing the quality of life for residents in California, rather than pursuing an agenda that limits gun ownership.

Bianco perceived the thwarted effort to enlarge gun-free zones as a positive development, averting potential repercussions for law-abiding citizens who exercise their right to self-defense. The sheriff’s stance highlights the ongoing discourse surrounding gun control and its impact on individual rights and everyone else’ safety.




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