Science Fiction Becomes Reality With First Human Neuralink Implant

On January 29, Elon Musk, the South African billionaire and founder of Neuralink, revealed that the initial recipient of a Neuralink hardware implant is not only recuperating successfully but also demonstrating positive indications in early outcomes.

The renowned tech mogul stated that the procedure, marking the inaugural one conducted by his firm, occurred on January 28. Specialists highlighted that this event marked a significant milestone in the contemporary history of medicine, signifying a breakthrough for the prototype brain medical device. As per several accounts, experimentation on animals with Neuralink hardware commenced in September 2023. Many experts have characterized the product as a “fully implantable” and “wireless brain-computer interface.” Musk has expressed his aspirations multiple times, envisioning his company’s potential to assist individuals with paralysis in interacting with external devices solely through their thoughts.

At the onset of animal testing, the billionaire from South Africa conveyed on his Twitter profile, stating, “This has the potential to restore full body movement.” 

He further expressed his company’s aspiration to play a pivotal role in reducing risks associated with Artificial Intelligence civilization by significantly amplifying the human-to-technology bandwidth in the long run. 

Musk also indicated that the endeavors of his company could have been beneficial for individuals like Stephen Hawking.

During September 2023, Neuralink revealed its intentions to carry out experiments involving the insertion of the device into the brain area accountable for motor function. The company clarified that the purpose of the implant is to convey brain signals to a mobile app, which would interpret the intentions behind the movements. Neuralink emphasized that the ultimate objective of the brain implant startup is to facilitate individuals with paralysis in effortlessly using a keyboard and even controlling a computer solely through their thoughts.




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