Rubio Slams Dem Voting Reform as Attempt to Create ‘Election Chaos’

Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday accused Democrats of trying to “federalize” elections and create “election chaos” in order to win at the polls.

In remarks on “Fox & Friends,” the Florida Republican said an effort to carve out a filibuster to pass election reform is really about power.

“My bigger concern is not just about the filibuster. It really is the law,” he said, a transcript of the remarks showed. “Let me say this plainly and simply going forward. There is no widespread effort to suppress minority voting rights in America. It doesn’t exist, and this has nothing to do with it. 

“This has to do with power — how can we federalize federal election to create election chaos so that our lawyers can get in there after the election and finagle our way to victories in congressional seats, mayors’ races, state races, governor races, senate races. That is what they want to do.”

According to Rubio, Democrats have been making the election reform push “for years.”

“And what they want to do is make it. Federal law that you have to have ballot harvesting, that you have to have same-day registration … you can’t have voter ID laws.”

“Basically they would make that the federal law,” he added. “It would be a federal takeover of our elections, and it’s all designed simply for one reason, and that is, the Democrats think they’ll win more elections if they can change the election laws in this country and have one election law for the whole country.”

Rubio lamented that while the focus on election reform goes on, pressing economic matters go ignored by the Biden administration.

“There is a runaway inflation,” he complained, along with “a workforce crisis” caused by COVID-19 mandates and “empty shelves, a supply chain program that continues in America,” the “threat of China in the Pacific region,” and of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But President Joe Biden, he charged, will go to Georgia to give a speech “about a problem that does not exist.”




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