Ron Klain Sobs Uncontrollably – Praises Biden’s Parenting At Goodbye Party

In order to thank Chief of Staff Ron Klain and welcome Jeff Zients to the position, Joe Biden conducted a transition event on Wednesday.

As soon as CBS News learned about the issue with the sensitive materials, Ron Klain resigned as Biden’s chief of staff. Rats are escaping a ship that is sinking.

On Wednesday, Ron Klain sobbed while proclaiming Joe Biden to be “the best father.”

“I learned everything I know about how to be a good father from Joe Biden. He is the best father I know and the best role model and along the way he has taught me a think or two about politics and policy.”

Within the next few weeks, Klain is anticipated to leave. He made the choice to depart just in time for the two-year anniversary of the administration, which he and other staff members celebrated on Friday.

The news comes as the administration transitions from legislating to thwarting inquiries from the new House GOP majority and getting ready for the president’s inevitable reelection campaign.

Klain had been persuaded to stay in the position by Biden, who greatly relied on him and a select group of senior advisers who had worked with him for years. However, many White House staff members acknowledged the physical strain of the demanding job and questioned how long he could maintain his pace.

Some of those top advisers, such senior adviser Anita Dunn and presidential counselor Steve Ricchetti, are among the most frequently mentioned candidates to succeed Klain. Also commonly suggested as a prospective candidate for the position of chief of staff is Jeff Zients, who served as Biden’s first coronavirus coordinator and whom Klain charged with overseeing the anticipated staff and Cabinet turnover following the midterm elections.




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