Ron DeSantis Swings Back at Kamala Harris

Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, strongly criticized Vice President Kamala Harris on July 25th for her accusations that Florida’s education program seeks to substitute “history with lies.” During an appearance on Fox News with Jesse Waters, the GOP presidential candidate accused Harris of intentionally visiting Florida to propagate this false narrative. Additionally, he expressed disapproval of her decision to travel to his state instead of addressing border security, emphasizing that she should focus on fulfilling her duties at the border.

During another segment of the interview, DeSantis informed Waters that Harris was not addressing the issue of decaying American cities affected by Democratic leadership and prosecutors supported by Soros. Furthermore, he accused the vice president of showing no concern about the depletion of weapon stocks and ammunition within the US military. He found it puzzling that Harris seemed solely focused on promoting a “fake narrative” about his state’s actions, overlooking other pressing national concerns.

On July 21, the vice president alleged that Florida Republicans were advocating for a curriculum that would teach every middle school student that black people gained from slavery. Harris was addressing the controversy surrounding Florida’s new African American history curriculum, which contains certain points that have sparked disagreement among liberals.

Regarding Harris’s remarks, the Florida Governor informed Waters that the Vice President aimed to make the new curriculum a criminal offense. He asserted that this was yet another instance of the Biden administration’s ongoing attack on him and the state of Florida, which he believes began as soon as he assumed office as governor. DeSantis also argued that criticizing this curriculum was unjust, as it underwent rigorous evaluation by esteemed African American scholars who upheld its standards.

Alongside DeSantis, William Allen, one of the co-authors of the program, also expressed disapproval of the vice president’s statements, describing them as entirely untrue. In an ABC interview, Allen highlighted that Harris had misjudged the curriculum and went on to defend its content. He further emphasized that the only criticism he had encountered thus far was from her, implying that the program had been positively received by others.




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