Ron DeSantis Memo Leak Shows Reveals What Is Coming

In recent months, the Republican primary race has garnered significant attention for various reasons. One key factor is the mounting legal challenges faced by former President Donald Trump, prompting speculation about his ability to sustain a campaign. Additionally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has emerged as a potential contender, posing a distant threat to Trump’s candidacy. Recently, a leaked document has shed light on DeSantis’ strategy to secure victory in the primaries.

A confidential campaign memo, obtained by NBC News, provides insight into DeSantis’s strategic blueprint. The memo focuses on fundraising goals, emphasizing the intention to surpass the financial achievements of Trump’s campaign at a similar stage. It acknowledges the dynamic nature of the ballot at this early stage, recognizing that a significant portion of voters are likely to make their decisions after the debates or upon meeting the prospective candidates.

The DeSantis campaign lays out a range of policy proposals aimed at addressing what they view as shortcomings in President Joe Biden’s administration, including issues concerning the border, economy, foreign policy, and China. Additionally, they intend to tackle topics like the “woke military, the deep state, school choice” among others. Moreover, the campaign acknowledges that they will not shy away from discussing any perceived failures of the previous Trump administration when questioned.

Although DeSantis initially received strong support, it appears that some of his donors or potential donors have shifted their stance. For instance, in 2022, prominent donor Ken Griffin expressed his preference for DeSantis over Trump. However, in recent times, there have been disagreements between Griffin and the Florida governor on certain issues. A CNBC spokesperson reported that Griffin is currently evaluating the political landscape and has not made a final decision.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump’s lead over DeSantis has widened in recent days. As of July 14, the former president holds 49.7% support, a significant 28.7 percentage points ahead of DeSantis, who is at 21%.




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