Ron DeSantis Ends VP Speculation Once and for All

The thought of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and former President Donald Trump competing against one another in a primary is still causing a stir in the political world. While Florida’s Republican governor has kept quiet about his intentions, the former president has officially announced his campaign. DeSantis wanted to dispel a particular myth.

When asked if he would consider running as Trump’s vice president on Thursday, March 23, DeSantis said that he is “an executive guy” and would not rule it out. He said that he is Florida’s governor because he enjoys getting things done, hinting that he wouldn’t be able to do it as vice president. The governor of Florida is not far off. He would have little influence if he were chosen to be the second in command in the White House.

The day following DeSantis’ interview, Trump made a phone call to the network’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” when he also ruled out the two of them running together. That would be a “very unlikely alliance,” the former president remarked, adding that he’d never even considered the Florida governor as a potential running mate. He hasn’t given it much attention, other than the rare mentions by other individuals.

Trump mentioned his ongoing issue with DeSantis. The governor campaigned for election for the first time in 2018; when DeSantis ran on a MAGA platform, the 45th POTUS backed him. Once a few years had passed, the governor was asked if he would challenge Trump for the presidency. Instead of responding with an emphatic “no,” saying “I have no comment.”

The “no comment” is a betrayal in Trump’s eyes. The former president has constantly insulted the governor as the primary election draws near and has even given him the moniker “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

In regard to Trump, the governor has stated that he doesn’t mind what he names him as long as he also calls him a “winner.”




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