Restaurant Hires Armed Security as Crime Skyrockets

In another urban area characterized by a Democratic political leaning, enterprises find themselves grappling with a substantial surge in criminal activities. Merchants are departing from San Francisco, and retail giant Target is shuttering its establishments in four urban centers, including New York City. 

The primary reason for these closures is the widespread pilferage that has rendered them financially unsustainable. Additionally, a dining establishment in Philadelphia has found it necessary to enlist the services of armed security personnel to ensure the safety of its employees and patrons.

In the year 2015, a pair of African American males, armed with pistols, forcibly entered Jim’s Steaks and Hoagies, located at the intersection of 62nd and Noble in the heart of Philadelphia. Fortunately, no one suffered physical harm during the incident. However, the perpetrators proceeded to rob patrons and emptied the cash register, absconding with a sum of $215 in currency. Fast forward four years, and the eatery ceased its operations.

Presently, the establishment has made a return, and its proprietors are firmly committed to preventing a recurrence of the robbery that took place in 2015. Upon its relaunch as Jim’s West in the middle of September, eager patrons, forming long queues encircling the premises to savor its traditional cheesesteak sandwiches, encountered a security guard equipped with a rifle as they entered the establishment.

Some patrons were unhappy with the presence of a guard carrying an AR15-style carbine, believing it was excessive and not suitable for a family-friendly environment. However, co-owner Cortez Johnson emphasized the rising violence in the city, justifying the need for security measures to ensure everyone’s safety and deter potential criminals from attempting a robbery.

Presidential Protection Services, owned by Kevon Darden, is responsible for providing security. All security personnel are former military or law enforcement professionals with state certifications. Security coverage at Jim’s West will be in place from Thursdays to Sundays.




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