Reporter Blasts Former Democrat Rep. Barney Frank For Falsely Claiming Border is Not Open (VIDEO)

Former Democratic Congressman Barney Frank asserted in a recent interview that the idea of an open border is unfounded and nonsensical. However, a journalist, Brianna Lyman from The Daily Caller, challenged Frank’s statement in a Saturday interview on Newsmax’s “Saturday Report” with host Rita Cosby. Lyman rigorously addressed several claims made by Frank during the August 19 interview and pointed out that he was mistaken in his assertion. While Frank dismissed the notion of an open border and highlighted the Biden administration’s initiatives to combat illegal immigration at the southern border, the journalist sought to clarify the actual situation.

While discussing the border situation, Brianna Lyman introduced a practical perspective, whereas Barney Frank offered a characteristic response from the left. The substantial influx of individuals at the border seems insufficient to persuade the former congressman.

“The fact is there is a lot of effort going on to enforce the border. It has not been as effective as we would like it to be,” Barney Frank said.

“The Biden administration has sued Governor Abbott after he tried to put barriers in the water to deter the migrants because the Federal Government is not doing their job, so they are literally working on behalf of the migrants,” Brianna Lyman answered.

The U.S.-Mexico border has become significantly porous due to the policies of Joe Biden and his allegedly corrupt Department of Homeland Security leader, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Since Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, over 6 million undocumented immigrants have entered the United States via the border.

“At DHS, illegal crossings have reached all-time highs in back-to-back years with over 5 million total now. More than 1.3 million known got aways have successfully snuck into the United States without capture.”




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