Rashida Tlaib Will Not Denounce Hamas’ Murdering of Children

Democratic Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib persists in displaying the Palestinian flag outside her Capitol office, while maintaining relative silence on the actions of the Islamic militant group Hamas in its conflict with Israel.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t right now,” Tlaib conveyed to Fox News when questioned about reports concerning the harm inflicted on children, including toddlers and infants, by Hamas militants.

Instead, she has chosen to confront her critics by attributing their prejudiced presumptions about her religion and ethnicity as the root cause. Tlaib holds the distinction of being the sole Palestinian-American member of Congress and, to date, has refrained from issuing a direct statement condemning Hamas’s actions in Israel. The closest she has come to such a statement is her assertion that she does not endorse the targeting of civilians, “whether in Israel or Palestine.”

Tlaib is among the most vocal critics of Israel in Congress, and arguably, within the entire U.S. government. She has repeatedly referred to Israel as an apartheid state in the past. When news of the Hamas massacre initially surfaced, she attributed the atrocities to Israel, accusing the country of creating a violent living environment under siege and occupation. Simultaneously, she called for the U.S. to withdraw its support for the Jewish state.

Members of the Squad, a group of staunch liberals in the House, have also echoed Tlaib’s call for ending U.S. support for Israel. Meanwhile, other members of Congress have advocated for fast-tracking aid to Israel.

The legislator’s actions, along with the ongoing display of the Palestinian flag outside her office (albeit a different flag from that used by Hamas), have prompted Republican Ohio Representative Max Miller to propose a ban on the use of all foreign flags in Congress.

In a statement posted online, Miller asserted that the halls of Congress should exclusively represent America. He further emphasized that Congress should only display flags that symbolize our great nation, considering anything to the contrary as unnecessary.




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