Radical Lefty Professor Goes Berserk – Harasses Pro-Life Students

In a remarkable demonstration of intolerance within academia, Shellyne Rodriquez, a professor known for her extreme left-leaning beliefs, engaged in a hostile and bitter assault on a collective of students who supported the pro-life movement. This episode reached its climax when she vandalized their table labeled “StudentsforLife.”

Rodriquez’s actions went beyond verbal aggression. She not only launched a vehement verbal attack, proclaiming, “You’re not educating sh*t. This is f*cking propaganda,” but also intensified her outburst by physically shoving pamphlets off their desk, causing damage.

She continued, “This is violent. You’re tricking my students. Because you can’t even have a f*cking baby. So you don’t even know what that is.”

The overt display of biased conduct and lack of respect by an educator towards students with diverse beliefs is a concerning indication of the current state of academic freedom and integrity within our colleges. It is imperative that students, regardless of their own personal convictions, are able to freely express themselves without apprehension of facing harassment or prejudice from their educators.

Another tweet said, “She needs to be fired and charged. That’s a student and she is an educator. She not only shouldn’t be swearing in front of students, she also shouldn’t be throwing a tantrum like a child while in a position of power, but she definitely shouldn’t be aggressive to CHILDREN.”




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