Psaki Might Be Done with the Biden Administration

Jen Psaki has yet to sign any agreement because she is still in the negotiation stage. Two persons acquainted with the situation, however, revealed the news.

She is anticipated to follow in the footsteps of many former press secretaries who left their professions to work for media outlets.

For instance, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace served as the Bush administration’s communications director.

Similarly, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Dana Perino, and Ari Fleischer also work for Fox News.

As a result, Psaki will headline a liberal media network’s streaming show.

Psaki has previously worked in the media in numerous roles before entering the Biden administration. Paid commentary on CNN, a left-leaning media network, was one of the top roles she had.

The story gained traction in February of this year when many reporters inquired about Psaki’s plans to quit the White House.

Following the News, CNN’s temporary co-president Amy Entelis traveled to Washington with CNN+ programming lead Rebecca Kutler to recruit Psaki for the network.

MSNBC’s programming on Peacock has become well-known in the United States as Americans quit paying for regular cable subscription services.

Political experts like Zerlina Maxwell and Mehdi Hassan host a number of Peacock streaming shows. The arrival of Psaki is likely to attract a more liberal audience to the channel.

Psaki’s successor is still uncertain, as the White House has not yet confirmed Psaki’s departure. Nonetheless, the Washington Post reports that her deputy, Karine Jean-Pierre, will most likely be the next officeholder.

Jean-Pierre, like Psaki, has previously worked as a paid CNN commentator.

Recruiting in-service White House members can be difficult for a variety of reasons. MSNBC worked with its lawyers to ensure that the arrangement with the press secretary complied with all applicable laws.

The deal’s legality is being questioned by several political experts.

White House members should not be permitted to strike a deal with media networks that cover the White House throughout their term, according to National Review columnist Dan McLaughlin.

Psaki was admonished by Rory Cooper, a member of a reputation management business, who questioned how she would handle queries from her new employer during press conferences.




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