Pro-Palestinian Protesters Make a Mockery of Veteran’s Day

In the United States, the weekend surrounding Veterans Day is a time of celebration. It’s a time when citizens give thanks to those who put their lives on the line for their country. New York City pro-Palestinian protestors apparently didn’t get the message.

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in New York City on November 10 in opposition to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. They flocked to the streets in protest, with at least one 17-year-old being cited for allegedly tearing down the American and United Nations flags by climbing a 10-foot light pole. The mob below him applauded as he abandoned the pole, still flying a Palestinian flag. The officer wrote him up for “creating a hazardous condition” that posed a “substantial risk of serious physical injury.”

Many X (formerly Twitter) users expressed outrage at the demonstrators’ behavior. One user described it as “vile and disgusting.” On Veteran’s Day, X owner Elon Musk questioned whether or not he had heard the story of protesters tearing down an American flag correctly. Although it was technically the day before Veterans Day, angry Americans don’t seem to care.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators were disrespectful to more than only New York’s veterans. President Joe Biden spoke at Arlington National Cemetery to honor veterans on Veterans Day. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Delaware and protested outside the president’s mansion. Biden, Biden, you can’t hide!” they shouted. Genocide! we accuse you of! The demonstrators were uninterested in commemorating the Americans who preserve their right to voice their dissatisfaction with the government.

The United States is not alone in having a problem with impolite demonstrators. Remembrance Day is a national holiday commemorating the sacrifices made by British men in World War I. Even those activities were disrupted by protesters. An altercation broke out between pro-Palestine protestors and a group of guys in London’s Trafalgar Square.

After a Hamas terrorist strike killed over 1,400 innocent Israelis, activists are upset that the West is siding with Israel.




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