Pro-Haley Super PAC Pursuing Dem Voters Ahead of Key Primary

According to recent polls indicating a considerable advantage for Donald Trump in the forthcoming South Carolina Republican primary, the pro-Nikki Haley super PAC, SFA Fund Inc., is taking an unusual approach by targeting non-Republican voters. A fresh mailer dispatched to Democrats who abstained from participating in their party’s primary urges them to change allegiance and support Haley in her endeavor to challenge Trump’s position.

This tactic relies on the distinctive aspect of South Carolina’s open primary system, which allows voters to partake in either party’s primary but restricts them to one choice. Although Democrats who have already voted are disqualified, the projected low turnout, with just over 130,000 individuals voting in the February 3rd primary, presents a possible reservoir of backing for Haley.

The mailer’s directive, “Vote for Nikki Haley against Donald Trump,” underscores Haley’s campaign’s recognition that Trump’s stronghold mainly resides within the Republican constituency. By innovatively engaging with Democrats and independents, Haley aims to erode Trump’s advantage and capitalize on weaknesses in his backing.

This decision mirrors Haley’s campaign memorandum ahead of the New Hampshire primary, where she stressed the significance of appealing to non-conservative voters in states with open primaries. It corresponds with her portrayal of herself as a moderate Republican capable of bridging the gap in a polarized electorate.

Nevertheless, the journey ahead is laden with obstacles, as recent polls depict a bleak scenario, with Trump maintaining a substantial lead over Haley, ranging from 35% to an astonishing 45%. This implies that persuading Democrats and independents to change allegiances necessitates treading a careful path.

The effectiveness of this unorthodox approach depends on several key factors. Firstly, it relies on a substantial turnout from Democrats and independents to influence the final result. Secondly, Haley’s message needs to strike a chord with these voters, persuading them that she presents a superior option to Trump.

Alex Stroman, a previous executive director of the South Carolina GOP, emphasized the critical nature of Haley securing all available votes to overcome Trump. He encouraged Nikki Haley’s campaign to focus on Democrats who abstained from participating in their party’s primary. Leveraging South Carolina’s open primary setup, where voters can partake in either party’s primary once, Stroman views the three-week interval between the Democratic and Republican primaries as an advantageous window of opportunity.




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