Pro-Abortion Group Drops Clue Of Which Family They Will Target Next

After the attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, pro-abortion organization Ruth Sent Us appears to have thrown a hint as to who of the Supreme Court Justices it expects to target, and it appears like Justice Amy Coney Barrett has gotten the short end of the stick.

In response to current rumors that she may agree with the previously leaked draft judgment that looked to imply the Supreme Court was likely to overturn Roe v. Wade, the extreme leftist group has issued a call for rallies outside of Barrett’s house and church.

We’ve seen how twisted and nasty leftists can be when their entitlement to slaughter the unborn with impunity is questioned since the draft opinion. These people are determined to use any means necessary to persuade justices on the bench to change their minds about reversing the historic abortion decision, which would give states the power to control abortion.

According to a study provided by the Department of Homeland Security, the leaked draft ruling has resulted in a large wave of threats against officials and others, raising the likelihood of extremist violence.

Ruth Sent Us then detailed the Barrett family’s daily itinerary, including which school her children are now enrolled in.

These demonstrators are threatening Barrett’s family and church in an attempt to get her to make the choice they desire, rather than the one that is supported by the Constitution. It’s political blackmail.

The pro-abortion organization stated,“Falls Church is a People of Praise stronghold. She sends her seven kids to a People of Praise school that she sat on the Board of Directors for. She attends church daily.”

The tweet was sent on June 8, not long after Nicholas John Roske was arrested early in the morning, but before the incident was widely known.

On Thursday, a small group of pro-abortion demonstrators gathered before the Barrett family home, carrying banners and posters and chanting.




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