Prince Harry Loses Case Against UK Government

In London, a judge has decided that Prince Harry wasn’t unjustly deprived of publicly funded security detail during his visit to the UK after relinquishing his royal title. Despite his challenge in the High Court against the UK government’s decision to lower his security status in February 2020, the Duke of Sussex did not succeed.

The prince contended that he faced unjust treatment due to the alterations despite being exposed to considerable security threats. King Charles III’s 39-year-old son deviated from Windsor family customs by eagerly pursuing legal action against the government. Additionally, he has confronted tabloids in his efforts to hold them accountable for years of harassment.

Of the six lawsuits Prince Harry brought before the High Court, three focused on security matters while the remaining three centered on tabloids accused of phone hacking and employing private investigators to infringe upon his privacy. In December 2023, Harry secured a legal victory against the Daily Mirror, a left-leaning tabloid, and was awarded significant damages for the phone hacking perpetrated by the publication.

Following the ruling, the prince hailed it as a significant moment for truth. Regarding Harry’s case, the judge deemed it implausible that Piers Morgan, who served as editor for the Daily Mirror from 1995 to 2004, could have been unaware of the phone hacking. Piers Morgan refuted the allegations and accused Harry and his wife, Meghan, of attempting to undermine the monarchy.

In his unsuccessful legal action against the government, the prince asserted that he and his spouse faced peril during their visits to the country because of media actions and social media hostility. He contended that the government panel evaluating his needs had breached its protocols. However, a government lawyer contended that Harry had been treated fairly and had received protection on multiple occasions even after relinquishing his royal title and responsibilities.

Harry dropped his defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail regarding a February 2022 article alleging he attempted to conceal his dependence on state-funded security after a judge indicated he was likely to lose. Additionally, in 2023, the prince was unsuccessful in persuading a judge to permit him to privately employ the police. The judge advised Harry that law enforcement was not intended to serve as a “private bodyguard” for affluent individuals.




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