Presser Goes Horribly Wrong As President Gets Second Booster

On his BlazeTV show, The Rubin Report, presenter Dave Rubin uploaded a videotape of President Joe Biden getting his fourth dosage of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on stage, just one day after federal health regulators authorized a second booster injection for adults aged 50 and over.

“I’m not sure why I’m doing this on stage,” the president said as he strained to walk, talk, and remove his jacket all at the same time, an effort that appeared to be too much for the 79-year-old, who struggled to sit without hitting the chair. After that, he became mute as reporters bombarded him with questions unrelated to the COVID vaccination.

One reporter said, “Can you comment on the disclosed intelligence indicating Putin does not trust his military leadership?”

Biden let out a snarky, “No.”

He then disregarded the following several questions, concentrating solely on rolling up his sleeve.

“I’ve always felt that watching someone receive a needle in their arm discourages others from getting the vaccination, so I apologize for discouraging,” Biden said afterwards. “But it didn’t hurt a little, and I was able to roll my sleeve up!”

The entire event occurred just after the president announced the opening of, a new website dedicated to assisting individuals in finding COVID-19 testing, immunizations, and treatments.

Biden stated, repeating a phrase he made in a speech in 2021, shortly before the Delta version attacked the United States, that due to the strategy that they carried out last year regarding vaccines, tests, treatments, among other things, have given us a new era out of this pandemic. He insisted though that while COVID-19 is still imminent, it cannot take hold of our normal lives any longer.  




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