Police Snipers Protect Divers During Water Rescue In Alligator Pond

According to accounts, Florida snipers provided cover for divers searching for a missing mother and boy in an alligator-infested pond.

On Friday, Nieves Matos, 80, and her son, Mario Laza, 56, were driving down the Florida Turnpike near Miami when their vehicle lost control and crashed into a retention pond off the roadway.

Witnesses jumped into the river, followed by police rescue crews.

However, cops recognized the waterways were swarming with alligators and sent snipers to protect the rescuers from any possible assaults.

As alligators swam around the pond, footage from the event showed shooters lying on their bellies with rifles pointed on the water.

Matos was finally found and rescued from the ocean, and he was unharmed.

Unfortunately, her kid passed away in a nearby hospital. In the aftermath of the heartbreaking unfortunate tragedy, relatives of the mother and boy created a GoFundMe campaign to assist fund burial costs.

Alligator encounters are common in Florida and other southern areas. Last month, a Florida couple said an 8-foot alligator broke into their garage and drank Diet Coke from a carton. Another Florida family said that a 550-pound alligator broke into their home and went swimming in their pool.

A woman in Texas said that while on her porch, an alligator hit her with its tail.

Unprovoked alligator attacks are rare, according to a University of Florida study. According to the survey, around 4% of alligator attacks on people in the United States are deadly, with the majority occurring in Florida.




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