Police Arrest Homeless Man Accused Of Assaulting Dem Rep. Angie Craig

Kendrick Hamlin, a homeless man, was detained by Washington D.C. police for allegedly assaulting Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.). According to a press release from the Metropolitan Police Department, Hamlin has been charged with simple assault.

The incident occurred inside Craig’s apartment building’s elevator in northeast D.C. Before entering the elevator with Craig, Hamlin was said to be acting strangely in the building’s lobby. According to authorities, Hamlin hit Craig in the chin and grabbed her neck while she was doing push-ups inside the elevator. Craig defended herself by hurling boiling coffee at Hamlin.

“Rep. Craig defended herself from the attacker and suffered bruising, but is otherwise physically okay,” Craig’s chief of staff Nick Coe said in a statement Thursday.

Craig received bruises but is generally well, according to her chief of staff, Nick Coe. There is no proof that the attack was motivated by politics. Governor Tim Walz (D) of Minnesota called with Craig and said that she is “doing well” and returned to work soon after the attack.

“Angie is tough as nails — she immediately got back to work and voted on the House floor. I’m glad to have met with her this morning and hear she’s doing well,” Walz said.

The House of Representatives voted hours after the assault to reverse a rewrite of D.C.’s criminal code. Craig was one of 31 Democrats who voted in favor of the bill.




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