People Needing Cash Turning To Pawn Shops During Inflation

On Monday morning, Rick Harrison, owner of a pawn shop and star of the television series “Pawn Stars,” appeared on “Fox and Friends” to discuss current events and inflation as Americans struggle to make ends meet.

To make ends meet, some people are pawning goods they never intended to sell.

The majority of people are unaware that 20% of adult citizens do not have a bank account. They don’t have conventional banking,” Harrison remarked.

He continued, “So if they need a little extra money, this is what they have to do.”

Harrison said that because Las Vegas is such a dispersed community, vehicles are a must.

“Gas costs are putting lives at risk. Food prices are skyrocketing due to inflation, he claimed.

He said that lower-income individuals are currently more negatively impacted by the state of the economy than are upper-income individuals.

Harrison acknowledged that a lot of individuals, particularly young people who have worked in the gig economy, are doing this. He stated that they often pawn goods they never imagined they’d pawn in order to make ends meet.

He stated that in Las Vegas alone, rents are substantially more than they were.

He also mentioned the challenges faced by single mothers and others, noting that the inflation is simply disastrous to them.

 He stated that they strive to do everything we can for individuals that enter Harrison’s shop.




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