Pence Running Out of Steam, Hardly Anyone Shows Up to Event at Pizza Restaurant

Politico is particularly enthusiastic about highlighting a fresh “Trump alternative” within the GOP, excluding Ron DeSantis. In pursuit of this goal, the liberal-leaning political publication has extensively explored various candidates. Initially, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was considered. Subsequently, they examined businessman and conservative activist Vivek Ramaswamy, with even a mention of Chris Christie at some point.

Politico’s recent choice for a “Trump alternative” involves the former U.N. ambassador and former South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley. However, it’s worth noting that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has also been the subject of Politico’s speculation, even though significant obstacles may hinder his late-stage entry into the race. 

The article is just as disheartening as it appears. Pence, it appears, is placing all of his aspirations on an unexpected victory in the Iowa caucuses, a state that seems rather astonished that he’s still pursuing the GOP nomination. Pence is going to great lengths with retail politics, yet he’s still struggling to gain support.

“On a crisp evening in a small town not far from Iowa’s southwestern border, Mike Pence’s decades-long quest for the White House has come down to a coin toss. Here he is, the most recent former GOP vice president, standing at the 50-yard-line of a high school football field in a town just shy of 7,000. The team captains stand alongside him and his wife Karen, the smell of brats grilling and corn popping in the air. Tails. The hometown Trojans win the toss against the Perry Bluejays. ‘There’s nothing like Friday night lights,’ he will soon tell a reporter from the student newspaper. ‘We wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” the article stated.

This marked an unusual triumph for Atlantic, a team that, as reported by MaxPreps, a high school athletics statistics aggregator, has been experiencing a season with a record of 3 wins and 7 losses, and subsequently, they’ve endured two consecutive defeats.

As of Sunday morning Eastern Time, Pence holds the fifth position in the RealClearPolitics polling average with an average of 3.8 percent. He is trailing his former boss, Donald Trump, by a considerable margin, as Trump’s aggregate rating stands at 59.1 percent, which is 55.3 points ahead of Pence.

As per the Politico article by national political correspondent Adam Wren, Pence dedicated a portion of the evening in Atlantic to offer colorful commentary for the game from the press box. This commentary was broadcast on the local AM radio station KJAN.

“Earlier this afternoon he confessed to me that he was nervous about the ordeal — it’s been decades since, after losing congressional bids in 1988 and 1990, he hosted a Saturday morning call-in show on WNDE-AM in Indianapolis before jumping to FM syndication of The Mike Pence Show. ‘They told me I could go up to the booth and do play by play,’ I overheard him tell a voter. ‘Not good. It’s been a long time.’”

“This is the greatest nation on Earth, and when we have the right leadership, we’re going to be standing tall in the world again, and I feel very confident in the future,” Pence remarked, emphasizing that assistance is forthcoming.

If he was referring to aid for the United States, it’s probably not originating from him. If he was discussing his prospects in the campaign, it’s probably not going in his favor, particularly in Iowa. It’s important to note that approximately 7,000 fans were present to watch the high school football game, and when Pence isn’t the center of attention under the Friday night lights, his situation isn’t particularly impressive.




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