Pelosi’s New Capitol Caterer Delivers Booze To Her Office

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, wields much too much authority and influence over her colleagues.

She imposed fines on members who did not wear masks in the chamber, allowed proxy voting so members could vote from their couches instead of traveling to Washington, D.C., pushed through two bogus impeachments against former President Trump, and kicked GOP members she didn’t like off the January 6th committee.

Pelosi has a track record of making absurd, illogical, and factually incorrect comments. She has been progressively promoting far-left measures in the next Congress in an attempt to placate the AOC social justice squad.

Nancy is making it easier for politicians to acquire booze at the US Capitol and finding loopholes so they don’t have to pay for it, another proof of Pelosi’s separation from the reality that the US economy and Biden’s foreign policy are collapsing.

Members of the House of Representatives may now purchase beer, wine, and spirits online and have them delivered to their offices, a new feature that might further complicate late-night budgeting.

The benefit is provided by Capitol Hill’s new caterer, Sodexo, a global hospitality services company.

On Capitol Hill, wine and beer were frequently accessible at catered banquets, but now drink may be delivered straight to a Member’s office, tweeted Pergram, who is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of Congress.

Sodexo’s House of Representatives website has a Drinks on Demand option where you may get drinks by the case in bulk. Tito’s vodka, Jack Daniels whiskey, Johnnie Walker scotch, and other spirits names are available for up to $35 per bottle. Beer is only available by the case and costs up to $50.

Members and their staff may be paid for food and non-alcoholic beverage expenditures spent while participating in virtual legislative planning sessions, according to House rules. It stipulates that members and workers may not be paid for the cost of alcoholic beverages, but legislators may utilize campaign cash for late-night alcoholic beverages, according to Nancy.




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