Parents Finally Stand Up Against Leftist School Boards

In San Francisco, American parents have taken the initiative and taken charge of their children’s education.

According to poll workers, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved recalling three of the city’s school boards on Tuesday.

During the COVID outbreak, detractors claimed that members (Education Department President Gabriela López, Vice President Faauuga Moliga, and Councilmember Alison Collins) sought to push socialist ideals.

According to the San Francisco Department of Elections, they did this rather than act in the best interests of children, and the electorate agreed.

After the election, Breed stated that the inhabitants of this city have sent a clear message to the school administration that it must prioritize producing a well-run education department over all else. San Francisco is a city that values great ideas, but those ideas must be supported by a government that understands the fundamentals.

San Francisco Democrats, who live in one of the most liberal cities in the country, were split on the recall drive.

The mayor praised the parents who championed the initiative and is now in charge of selecting new board members to fill the vacancies until the November election.

In January 2021, residents of San Francisco signed a petition condemning the school board of making poor judgments, such as renaming 44 schools and taking too long to reopen divisional schools that had been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.




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