Parents are Frustrated with Masks Mandates in Schools

Beginning March 1, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed a decree requiring schools to provide children with the choice of not wearing masks.

However, even in the last week of February, most parents are still dissatisfied, alleging that their children are unable to wear masks.

Parents are irritated with school masking regulations. Naisha T. Chinnery, whose son was thrown off the Arlington basketball team because he didn’t wear a mask, spoke out against the rule.

She claimed that God gave her son freedom and that schools have no right to take it away. She claims that if a school has the chutzpah to expel a student one day, they may do it every day.

According to Chinnery, her son’s school’s gymnasium lacks sufficient ventilation, thus wearing a mask has bad health consequences because he can’t breathe correctly.

While opposing mandatory masking, Chinnery also stated that schools do not have the power to discriminate against children who refuse to wear masks.

Similarly, she added that if schools wish to make any decisions about children, they must first notify parents in order to make a better judgment.

Schools are increasingly serving as the mask police, according to Chinnery, who accuses school officials of acting as tyrants rather than instructors. However, Arlington County schools are not the only ones requiring pupils to wear masks.

Democrat Congressman Matt Cartwright believes that parents should have a greater influence in their children’s education since it will help them optimize their studies.

This appears to be a substantial departure from the conventional leftist narrative, in which Democrats frequently asserted that parents’ role in education should be curtailed.

Because of shifting voter patterns, Democrats are modifying their campaign messaging. They just want to make sure they get the most votes in the 2018 midterm elections, according to Prior.




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