NYC Mayor Slams Texas Gov For Busing Migrants To His City

From Texas, a second bus transporting migrants landed in Manhattan on Sunday.

As he sparred with Democratic cities over immigration policy, Governor Greg Abbott dispatched the asylum seekers to New York City in order to take advantage of the city’s right-to-shelter statute.

Astrid Martinez of CBS2 spoke with immigration activists about how the conflict between the blue and red states is affecting regional services while migrants are stuck in the middle of it all.

Only 14 of the 40 migrants who were on board the bus that left Texas three days ago for New York City arrived at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Mayor Eric Adams and Abbott are being criticized by city officials for their poor collaboration and communication.

Men, women, and children on an asylum bus were hailed by immigrants from New York.

An immigration conflict has taken over the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Republican Abbott has been busing overburdened border towns’ overflowing asylum seekers to New York City and other Democratic cities. After 40 arrived on Friday, 14 more arrived on Sunday.

Adams criticized Abbott’s busing strategy.

On Sunday morning, the mayor welcomed the refugees to demonstrate his solidarity. He is also pleading with the federal government to contribute to the cost of the supplies and services the city will require.

The Department of Homeless Services for the city has had difficulty keeping up with demand.

Advocates for immigration claim that without cooperation between governments and agencies, chaos will result.

A freshly arrived migrant family that had been split up in a shelter was the subject of a June CBS2 broadcast. For over two weeks, the employees were without the family’s grandmother. Later, she was discovered in a hospital in Harlem.




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