Nurses Taught How to Care For Men Giving Birth

A textbook used to educate midwifery students how to help males in giving birth is full of anatomical nonsense, according to experts.

Edinburgh Napier University advised trained nurses that they may be caring for a birthing person with male sex organs and a prostate gland in an attempt to support transgender persons.

It is critical to recognize that the majority of pregnant women will have female genitalia. You may, however, be caring for an expecting or nursing mother who is transitioning from male to female but still has apparent male parts.

Catheterization requires a thorough understanding of both female and male physiology. As a result, whenever feasible, this paragraph refers to the person who delivers the package.

The session also included images on ensuring sure the scrotal region is covered during birth and a male anatomy catheterization procedure, which is commonly used to drain extra fluids after cesarean sections. As the deflated balloon passes through the prostate gland, a part of anatomy exclusively visible in men, males should be warned of pain.

The institution reacted strongly, stating that males are unable to become pregnant or give birth. It is one of only three Scottish schools authorized by the Nursing and Midwifery Board for undergraduate midwifery studies.

On Thursday night, experts slammed the guidance, describing it as open to the point of insanity and warned that simplifying processes might lead to harmful behaviors.

Because women can’t have male sex organs, Kat Barber, co-founder of the Sex Not Gender Nurses and Midwives group, explained, this rule reads to me as liberal to the point of absurdity.

The nurse practitioner said that someone who wrote the policy tried to incorporate different genders, which is OK, but in the lack of true understanding on how to care for those individuals, which is hazardous.

When the handbook was released late last month, it provoked outrage among students, leading course directors to apologize for the incorrect phrasing.

They clarified that they were discussing a trans man who had surgery to construct a penis but still had a womb and could reproduce.




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